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2013-09-07 01:30 pm

Some bad news (afp related)

Update from Julie (Bluebottle)

"FAO AFPers: Very sad news I'm afraid, have been informed that Alex TEH died in a car accident on Thursday. My thoughts are with Tammy and family.
I have her number for any that wish to pass on their condolences."
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2012-04-11 09:28 am

Tent for sale


Minor damage to one of the side window awnings (repairable by someone with circular tuits), big enough to have ~30 people stood inside with space, or for one car (reckon we could park the scenic inside it).

Collect only, make us an offer if you're interested.

(Comment screening enabled, I'll unscreen any posts which are of general interest)
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2011-04-06 10:34 am

Tappity tap tap

Is this thing on?